• The Inauguration of Ghalia Ayman Jomaa Suite at AUBMC

    On January 16, 2015, members of the immediate and extended Berri and Jomaa families, including Mrs. Randa Berri, joined our AUBMC community to inaugurate the Ghalia Ayman Jomaa Suite. The suite is a postpartum room on the seventh floor of the Main Medical Center Building (Room 712). The generous donation given by the Jomaa family will give patients the chance to benefit from the quality care and service which AUBMC is dedicated to provide, a main pillar of the AUBMC Vision. AUBMC was represented by Dr. Ziyad Ghazzal, Deputy Vice President (VP) for Medical Affairs and the Raja N. Khuri Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, on behalf of Dr. Mohamed Sayegh, VP/Dean, Dr. Anwar Nassar, Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and senior AUBMC faculty and staff.

    Dr. Nassar welcomed the guests to the official opening of the recently renovated room, named after baby Ghalia and thanked Mr. Ayman and Mrs. Mayssa Jomaa for “believing in AUBMC as the place to be.” “This has always been a special room which has positively affected the lives of hundreds of women during the past years, but now it has become even more special as it witnessed a rebirth, thanks to this generous donation,” added Nassar.

    On behalf of the family, Mrs. Mayssa Jomaa delivered a heartfelt word in which she reflected on the importance of motherhood in the life of any woman. She hoped through her family’s contribution to raise awareness amongst woman who struggle to gain what other woman have by God’s will. “Why AUBMC; apart from both Ayman and I being AUB Alumni, it is because I trust AUBMC, all its medical staff, and what it stands for and because I know many business oriented souls outside this establishment are taking advantage of woman desperate for a child,” said Mrs. Mayssa Jomaa.

    Dr. Ghazzal thanked the couple for their philanthropic gift, which affirms the quality of care and service provided by the OBS/GYN team. “For us, patient-centered care is not just a slogan, it is how we do business. The greatest measure of our success in doing so is when our patients themselves share their positive experiences with us,” said Dr. Ghazzal.