• Lebanese CEO leads music revolution

    Since its official launch in December 2015, the major music sharing platform Muzeit has expanded its presence in some 155 countries with hundreds of thousands of downloads. It is now one of the top music applications among 78 of those countries, becoming the trendiest music app on Apple's App Store.

    The platform is the latest hit on the crowded music application market and allows you to connect with people through their mobile numbers, become friends with them and get access to the songs they are listening to. You can then download what you like straight through the application.

    “Muzeit is very unique in its features because it is the first music application that creates social aspects out of music in giving you the ability to explore the music of your friends, preview and then download whatever songs you liked,” Ayman Jomaa, Lebanese CEO of Numbase Group who created Muzeit, told The Daily Star in an interview.

    Numbase Group is a major provider of mobile communications solutions with several hit apps.

    “We believe that so far there is no faster way of discovering music,” Jomaa said.

    The whole aim of Muzeit is to make sharing music easy.

    You can recommend a track, send a message or have a chat with your friends. The application also offers a newsfeed where you can see the musical activity of your network, creating a community around the songs you hear.

    In short, it is the musical version of the social network.

    Muzeit’s creators say their platform is very different from other well-known applications like Spotify. Jomaa explained that unlike the usual music applications, Muzeit interacts with your local music, downloading songs directly to your own existing music library. Also, you link to others on the system via mobile number, which preserves some privacy.

    The success of the system was almost immediate, with the app being downloaded 100,000 times in less than two months from users in more than 150 countries.

    While it is so far only available on Apple’s App store, the company says it is now aligning its strategy with marketing and business development to launch Android, desktop and Apple TV versions of the system very soon.

    “This application is something I fell in love with even while designing and planning it. I personally use it on a daily basis. I love music and there is a lot of inspiration and vision here,” said Jomaa.

    Jomaa said that Numbase was already working on the next release, which will enable connection through the Apple Watch, creation of playlists as well as special platforms for celebrities allowing them to share their music publicly with users.

    Numbase is a major operator in the mobile app world.

    “We are investing in several apps, but for now we are focused on Muzeit, operating it, taking it to the next level,” said Jomaa.

    For now, the group is just focusing on building the versions of the platform and making it possible so that other devices can connect other applications to Muzeit, giving a wider access to music sharing.